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About Our Handcrafted Bows

I am passionate about making quality handmade bows and arrows, and so it has become my artform.

All of the self bows here are crafted true to primitive methods, following the growth rings of the wood. They are handcrafted from seasoned staves and include an a braintanned leather handle with arrow rest and fur silencers.

These bows are very quiet, with a smooth draw and low handshock for the discerning archer. This is accomplished by using subtle engineering to lower limb mass, and using an asymmetrical tiller (one barely noticeable in most cases) to redistribute handshock.

A wooden bow is very light in the hand, but the strength of the wood is surprising when put to the test.

Take care of these bows, and they will give many years of rugged service.

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Historical Holmegaard Self Bow

Custom orders for my wooden recurve bows have a one month to 60 day production time.

$519.99 custom made

*Combined shipping is available with arrows upon request

*International shipping is available upon request

draw weight

About the holmegaard self bow

The ancient Holmegaard self bow from 8,ooo B.C. is the oldest currently in tact bow artifact. It was found in a bog perfectly preserved in Holmegaard, Denmark.

The main features unique to this bow design are the shouldered midsection with rapidly narrowed tips, as well as the crowned cross section which moves from the back of the bow to the belly at that shoulder. This engineering is unique and very effective at lowering limb mass at the tips to yeild a faster shooting bow, without losing power.

These features have been modified and incorporated into my traditional series bows as well, with the same effect.

One unique bit of information about this bow is that the origional archeologist who first summarized this bow and it's features had only been experienced with the welsh long bows, and assumed that the crowned belly (the part of the bow facing the archery during full draw) was actually on the other side, and hence that the bow had been built backwards.

The first published correction to this error was made by my mentor, Errett Callihan, who then went on to make the modifications I now incorporate into my traditional series.


Leather handle- An arrow rest and leather handle are available on all North Wood Traditional archery bows. The leather I use is authentic braintanned buckskin I made myself.

Over all Length- Generally this is a bow made between 65-70" while unstrung depending on draw weight

Wood type- Hickory stave used for solid retained growth ring on the back of the bow

Draw weight - You specify 35- 65 lbs

Colors Available: stains of light brown, Dark Brown, or Reddish brown


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