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All of the self bows here are truly primitive, following the growth rings of the wood. They are handcrafted from seasoned staves and include a braintanned leather handle with arrow rest.

Fur silencers adorn the strings.

(a "self bow" is a bow made from one piece of wood, with no laminations or fiber glass)

(Not all self bows follow one growth ring, mine do.)

I am passionate about making quality handmade bows and arrows, and so it has become my artform.

The painted bows on this page are limited edition.

And just because a bow is primitive, does not excuse poor workmanship.

These bows are very quiet, and made with a smooth draw and low handshock for the discerning archer.

This is accomplished by using subtle engineering to lower limb mass, and using an asymmetrical tiller (one barely noticable in most cases) to redistribute handshock.

A wooden bow is very light in the hand, but the strength of the wood is suprising when put to the test.

Take care of these bows, and they will give many years of rugged service.

To order a custom self bow, contact me


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