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North Wood Traditional Archery


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North Wood Traditional Archery was started in 2010 by survival instructor and bowyer Greg Anderson with nothing but some sharp hand tools and seasoned staves which were harvested from the forest behind Greg's house.

Since that time, he has been working passionately to make high end archery equipment that is based on primitive artifacts using traditional methods, and has become a marked specialist in the field of primitive archery.

It was from being an avid student of wilderness survival, and having spent months at a time alone in the wilderness, that he came to immerse himself into this craft. The most important question to him has always been "what is MY nature?" in the context of both spiritual and physical sustenance.

For those who have also studied wilderness skills passionately, it is well understood that gaining the knowledge to live off of the land is a lifetime pursuit, and that there is as much dogma and misinformation as there is truth in literature.

Testing theories and methods in the field gives way to this truth, and often, the lessons prove uncomfortable and memorable. But, no one has ever said that primitive survival is an easy hobby.

Learning the hard way and testing himself is what makes him so open to new information. When confronted with dogmatic traditions that contradict the more ancient methods and implications, he simply tries to learn, understand, adapt, and test these teachings against all his other information. To him, learning is a lifelong pursuit and nothing is absolute.

For bow making, Greg has appeared on PBS' craftsman's legacy season 2 episode 8, and also on the Arcade Arms episode 3.

His works have also been show cased in natural history museums and as props for TV shows.

Greg has been the only bowyer and fletcher for North Wood Traditional Archery, and has become highly skilled at his craft making expertly tillered custom sets of bows and arrows.

greg anderson splitting logs to make bows


"Greg Anderson is easily the best instructor I have ever had... an excellent teacher of the craft."

"Your skill as a teacher shows that you are well on your way of becoming one of the best."

greg anderson, bowyer about to shoot a bow

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